Hi everyone, I hope you’re well.

As you know, I only get in touch when it’s important. Today’s message is about GDPR, which is incredibly boring but nevertheless, very important as it is due to kick in on 25th May this year.

If you’re not sure what I mean, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It is a new EU law which applies to most businesses, charities & organisations within EU member states (which we currently are, for now), and will change the way you look after your customers data.

I must stress that I’m no expert on this, so I’d advise you to do your own research. However, as a Web Developer, I feel I have a duty to inform you of the ‘web’ side of GDPR, and the things you need to do in order to remain compliant and avoid potential fines.

There are certain things you need to do to your website in order to comply with the new law. Again, I am not a legal expert and I can’t legally advise you on this subject, however I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know what I’ve done in order to comply with GDPR.

The first thing I’ve done is update my Privacy Policy to be more thorough and to make reference to what my business is doing in order to comply with GDPR. I used an online guide to put this together (there are many of these online if you Google ‘GDPR privacy policy template’ or something along those lines).

Additionally, I have ensured that all of my contact forms etc (anything where a customer submits information through my website) have the correct opt-in/opt-out options available (see my Contact Page for example).

What to do next…

I’m here to help if you need me. As I said, I can’t advise you, so what I’d do is have a quick Google search for GDPR and see how it might affect your business specifically.

Here are a couple of useful websites I found if it helps…
WPMUDEV – Web Privacy And WordPress GDPR Compliance – The Definitive Guide
ICO.ORG – 12 Steps to Preparing for GDPR

If you are a Go Web customer who has a monthly service plan, I am happy to make the necessary changes to your website at no extra cost. Please contact me and confirm what you would like to do on your website in order to comply with GDPR and I will help you out.

For any of you who don’t have a monthly service plan with Go Web, again I am happy to help you with this. Please contact me so that we can discuss it further.