Website Management & Maintenance

A website won’t last forever. The World Wide Web is constantly changing, so it is essential that you keep your website up to date. Out of date websites will not only fall behind the competition, but they will become slow, clunky and will lose the interest of your visitors.

I offer all-inclusive, monthly website management services, ensuring your website stays up to date and meets current web standards. I will ensure that you don’t ever have to worry about the health, security or relevance of your website.

My ongoing services include everything a business could need when it comes to maintaining an effective website that performs really well.

Website Hosting & Management

I offer a range of hosting options based on your needs. I work alongside reputable, reliable, UK-based hosting companies to provide the best quality, affordable hosting services for your website.

Website Backups

When I look after a website I include a full website backup service as standard. If you are going to invest money in a website, it makes sense to have a ‘safety net’ in place. My backup service means that I take a copy of your website every 24 hours, and keep 30 days of backups.

Website Version Updates

I build websites using popular content management systems which provide you with an affordable, ‘out-of-the-box’ way to manage your own website content. Content management systems such as WordPress and Magento require constant updates to ensure they are secure and that they work optimally.

Plugin, License & Theme Management

WordPress is a flexible, ‘modular’ Content Management System, which means Web Developers can add features and functionality depending on the needs of their users. These additional plugins and themes require updates to ensure they are working as they should be. I will take care of that for you.

License Management

As mentioned above, plugins are available for WordPress in order to add functionality. As well as some brilliant free plugins, there are occasions when we might need to purchase plugins on your behalf. Normally these plugins require annual license fees, but when we manage your website we take care of that for you.

Downtime Monitoring

If your website were to go down it could be a disaster for your business. It not only affects the people using your site but Google is said to frown upon website downtime. I have a tool that monitors your website and alerts me within 60 seconds of any problems, so I can get on with fixing the issue immediately.

Security Monitoring

Unfortunately for us, hackers, spammers and advertisers are rife. People will try to maliciously access your website; it’s just one of those things. I use security tools that ensure nobody can do this and can permanently block people who try.

Google Search Console Management

Google Search Console is one of the most important tools for any website owner or manager. Not only does it help you communicate directly with Google, it allows Google to inform you about any potential issues on your website which could affect not only your users but your search rankings. Let me ensure this vital tool is set up and monitored correctly for you.

Google Analytics Setup & Monitoring

Google Analytics allows you to track user data on your website. This provides you with valuable information that we can use together to ensure your website attracts as many visitors as possible and try to keep them coming back for more.

Domain Management

Domain management can be a hassle. They are cheap and easy to buy, but when it comes to the technical side of domains and DNS management, you really should leave it to the experts.

SSL Management

SSL certificates ensure that your users are protected when they visit your website by encrypting any data they might submit to you, such as personal information and card details.

Email Accounts

If you need new email accounts set up, for example, if you recruit new staff, then I can do this quickly and easily for you. Not only will I set up the email accounts for free, but I will also give you full instructions on how to set up the emails on your devices and in apps such as Outlook, Gmail and Apple Mail. If you’re local, I will even pop down and do it for you, free of charge.

Fixes, Errors & Troubleshooting

A website requires constant care and attention. Web standards change rapidly so it is important to ensure your website doesn’t become outdated. Let me take the hassle out of all that for you.

Website Performance Reviews

I will give you an overview of your website’s performance along with recommendations on how to improve the site for better rankings, traffic and conversions.