On Monday 26th March 2018 Google announced, via it’s Webmasters blog, that Mobile First Indexing is now being rolled out.

What is Mobile First Indexing?

In a nutshell, Mobile First Indexing goes like this…

Google ranks websites in search based on a number of factors. Without going into too much detail, Google rewards sites which deliver unique, relevant, engaging content, matched with excellent usability.

Up until now, Google has used the content from the DESKTOP version of a website when deciding on indexing and ranking pages in search results. From now on, however, Google will use the MOBILE version of a website.

What Does It Mean?

If your mobile-version content isn’t up to scratch, you need to take action. Whereas before you might have focussed on optimising your site for desktop users, you should now focus even more on mobile. In fact, my opinion is that you should focus equally on all formats, because the user should come first and then good rankings naturally follow.