Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

SEO is the practice of making your website user-friendly and search engine friendly.

If your website is both user-friendly and liked by popular search engines such as Google, your web pages will appear above your competitors in Google’s search results. Achieving a high position in the search engines is one of the best ways to attract new customers because, simply put, if you are nearer the top of the page, you are more likely to get visitors to your website. This is known as organic traffic.

To some, SEO is seen as a ‘dark art’ and there are many companies out there who take advantage of website owners by blinding them with science. I, on the other hand, keep things simple and just tell you how it is. I ignore all the SEO ‘myths’ you hear about and just focus on the facts.

Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo set their own rules, so it is important for web designers and developers to keep up with the latest from the big search engines. Again, you can count on me to do that.

SEO Services - Google Analytics

SEO Services for Better Search Rankings

SEO is the practice of ensuring that your website is put together in a way that is appealing to search engines. Search engines like Google issue guidelines to website owners (webmasters) to help them ‘optimise’ their website in a way that makes Google want to rank it more prominently in search results.

Google’s aim is to offer its users the best possible search experience. When a user performs a search, Google needs to ensure that it returns the most relevant and useful search results it possibly can. If it didn’t do this, people wouldn’t use it, so Google as a business would suffer.

Google, therefore, puts ‘rules’ in place for websites, to ensure that it only returns good quality search results for its users. These ‘rules’ are what web developers are encouraged to adhere to when building a website, and this is where we start getting into optimisation.

Google calculates it’s search result output using an ‘algorithm’ which takes all the elements that Google considers ‘good’ and ‘bad’ on a website, then calculates where that web page should appear in search results.

Results-Based SEO Services

When I carry out SEO work for clients, I have a strategy. I base my actions on previous good results and only perform good ethical practices.

Good SEO work should improve businesses online presence, therefore increasing the amount of organic traffic to your website. I look at the previous performance, set some realistic goals, then track your website’s performance against benchmarks to ensure the work I am doing is effective and profitable for you.

I use Google’s own tools to help me provide my SEO services. Tools such as Google Search Console and Google Analytics help me to meet the guidelines set out by Google itself. That way, I know that we are always doing the right things, by the book, according to Google.