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The history of Go Web began around the year 2009 when I took an interest in web development whilst working for BT.

After a lot of dabbling and doing freebies to build a portfolio, I got an opportunity to join the Web Team at a company called Telescope Studios in Leeds. Whilst working for Telescope, I was surrounded by some amazing and talented individuals who taught me a lot. During my years there, I did website work for some great companies including Bristan, Spear & Jackson, Portakabin and Purina.

Whilst in Leeds, I was working as a freelance Web Designer/Developer as demand for those services grew. My freelance work soon overtook what I was doing for Telescope, so as the business evolved I incorporated Go Web Design & Development as a company and committed to it full-time. I like to look after my clients personally and don’t ever wish to become too big. I love interacting with my clients and have helped many Yorkshire-based businesses get off the ground.

Since then, Go Web has grown to the point where I have now been involved in the design, development or management of over 300 websites, mostly for companies based in Yorkshire – something I’m very proud of.

Dan Gostling – Director & Developer – Go Web

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“I am always there for my clients; before, during & after the project”

What I Do

Web Skills

I specialise in the development of websites on WordPress. I chose to concentrate on this platform because it is the most widely used, well supported and the most popular worldwide. As well as WordPress, I have also worked in many other web platforms, including Magento (Adobe Commerce), Drupal, Shopify and Opencart.

I have experience in front-end and back-end technologies, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL and more. I like to stay up to date with what’s happening in the web world and ensure my skills and capabilities enable me to deliver exactly what the modern customer demands.

I am particularly focused on SEO. Over the last few years, this has become a huge part of what I do. I always keep up to date with what Google and the other major search engines are looking for. I believe that a Web Developer should know the fundamentals of SEO, so I invest a lot of time practising the latest techniques to ensure my clients’ websites rank really well in search results.

Design Skills

Design was my first love. I started out in web and graphic design before moving on to development. I am well-versed in graphic design tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, which features Photoshop and Illustrator, amongst other popular design apps. By using the latest tools I can provide businesses with cutting edge creations, in modern formats, whether they are for the web or print.

Ethos & Values

I am VERY proud of my Yorkshire roots. Without any funding, I started small and have grown quickly but naturally. This was achieved by simply providing a great service to my customers. I’ve had to do this the hard way, starting from nothing, so I understand how tough it is for new businesses to get going.

That is why I will always be down-to-earth, to the point and realistic. Like a true Yorkshireman, I say what I think and take a proactive approach with my clients. I want my work to make you money, so if I don’t agree with you, I will tell you, as long as it is going to benefit you and your business.