You may or may not be aware that links to your website are a Google ranking factor.

For years now, Google has used links to your site as a way of establishing how trustworthy your site is. So the more links you have from other sites to your site, the better eh?

No, not quite.

That might have been the way a while back, but it’s now far more important to have VALUABLE backlinks to your site. Gone are the days of paying for links, swapping links and all that rubbish, Google isn’t stupid and it will only reward your site if the links to it are organic, natural and meaningful. Not only that, but the links must come from other trustworthy, reputable sites with AUTHORITY.

When we were kids, we used to play conkers. The rules were, whoever won the match, won the ‘points’ off the other players conker. So if mine were a “5er” and yours were a “1er,” if you won, yours would become a “6er.” It’s a bit like that with backlinks, you have to have a link from a site with plenty of authority (points) to gain points yourself.

If this conker analogy didn’t help, or if you are worried about the links to your site, then please get in touch. We can contact Google and ask for BAD links to be removed from their records, as well as looking at ways to find better links for you.