April 21st is the day that Google introduces it’s new algorithm for ‘mobile-friendly’ websites.

You may have noticed that if you do a Google search from your smart phone, the results now have a new ‘mobile-friendly’ tag attached to them (if they are mobile friendly that is). At the moment, this doesn’t affect a sites ranking in the search results, but as of 21/4/15, it does!

So, is your site mobile friendly? Find out using Google’s own mobile friendly test.

How did it do? All green? Great! Red? Not so good!

If your site is a little unfriendly, then now is the time to act. Your site needs adapting so it uses a responsive framework, to ensure it displays optimally on all types of devices.

Whether you are a customer of ours or not, get in touch and we can discuss helping you out and the costs involved in it.

Have a good weekend, make sure you take 5 minutes to check your site!

Dan @ gowiththetimes.co.uk