A good Google ranking is the holy grail for most webmasters. Over the years I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun when it comes to SEO. Clients often come to me having read up a bit of Google ranking performance, with ideas of their own on what works for good search engine rankings.

But the biggest thing people often forget to do it UPDATE their website regularly!

You can try all the SEO hints and tricks in the world, but nothing compares to adding quality, useful, informative content to your website on a regular basis. It is a well known fact that Google rewards this in the SERPs, so why do people let it slip?

I know time is a factor, but do a simple calculation. Spend hours trawling through the internet for tips and techniques on search engine optimisation, social media strategy, link building, bla bla bla, OR just spend half an hour writing an informative blog posts, or adding new products to your site, adding to your portfolio or whatever. Struggling for ideas? Here are just a few things you could do…

  • Blogging – Exactly what I’m doing right now. I hope you will agree that this is an article that is relevant to what I do, which is informative and useful for my readers? That’s something ANYONE can do. No matter whether you sell physical products through an online store or offer some other kind of service, you can always find something to blog about. Think of your blog as your websites news section, tell your viewers what’s happening in your business and your industry.
  • New products/services – If you run an online store, keep your product inventory up to date. When you launch new products, make a big deal, write an article about it, add more content to your product pages, have your product descriptions professionally done by a proper copywriter. There’s loads of scope here.
  • Informative guides/instructions/how-to’s – Usually a website is selling something. Whether it be physical products, services or something else, your users will benefit from guides or informative resources. For example, I’m a Web Developer, but I don’t need to teach you all about the ins-and-outs of web code. Instead, I can relate to you by giving you useful guides on things that YOU can do, such as writing content, image optimisation, website structure, website platforms, SEO, social media and so on.

Those are just a few ideas for you. It’s quite simple; keep your website up to date with good content and it should do good!