10 Steps to Help Website Owners Through the Coronavirus Issue

Hi everyone, it’s Dan here from Go Web.

Make no bones about it, Coronavirus is affecting us all. I have a family, my own business, a mortgage etc just like a lot of others and let’s face it – this is a nightmare.

However, seeing as things are pretty quiet for a lot of my clients (and myself) I wanted to share a few positive thoughts and ideas with you. If you are a business owner or website manager of some kind, you could be using the Coronavirus disruption as a great opportunity to concentrate on improving your online presence. This is one of the things you can do without meeting people and spreading the illness. Whether you are self-isolating, social distancing or working as normal, this advice might just give you a few ideas.

Coronavirus - Ideas for Business Website Owners1. Improve your website’s content

One of the hardest things about having a website is having the time to put together new content for it. Some of us are now in a situation where we have a lot of time on our hands, so why not put together some new content or do some of the additions that you’ve not previously had time to do? Remember, adding quality content to your website is THE SINGLE BIGGEST Google ranking factor. If you get on with adding content now, boost your rankings, and when normal business resumes you get a head-start on the competition.

2. Take bookings in advance

If you’re a bar, restaurant, MOT garage, gym, personal trainer, or anyone else who is currently down on work, then why not start planning for when this all ends? You could maybe start emailing your clients/customers and book them in, in advance, for events during the summer or later in the year. Not only might it help your business recover, it gives your customers something to look forward to.

3. Reinforce your brand

Keep posting content, keep posting on social media, be positive! Tell your customers about the ideas you’ve got for the future. Make sure they know you’re not closing for good.

4. Email campaigns

If you’ve not done it before, why don’t you start putting together email campaigns via something such as Mailchimp? This again could help you recover business when things get back to normal. For example, if customers have bought/booked with you before and given their email addresses (with consent under GDPR law) then why not start creating email campaigns to keep in touch with them or to help with point 2 above?

5. Analyse your visitor data

Never had time/inclination to look at your Google Analytics data? Well now could be the time. Why not use this quiet period to gain insights into how customers interact with your website? It will help you identify opportunities to grow your website.

6. Update Google My Business

Google My Business is a much bigger and better resource now than it used to be. It helps greatly with local search optimisation. Update your opening hours, business description, add some photos, posts, whatever you can.

7. Add new products

Do you have new products that you haven’t got round to adding yet? Well now could be the time.

8. Improve your imagery

Could your website images be better? Why not take this time to take new photos of your products, services or even your premises?

9. Start a blog

If you haven’t got one already, why not create a blog or a news section for your website?

10. Make speed improvements

If you have a WordPress website, why not use the speed tools provided by Google to see if you can optimise your page load speed? You might be able to get rid of some unneeded plugins, or old themes? You might need to optimise your images, or look at any unneeded code.

In Summary…

Coronavirus doesn’t have to be the end of the world. Remember – every problem is an opportunity!