Smith’s Fruit Stores, Barnsley – WordPress eCommerce Website

During the national Covid-19 lockdown in March 2020, we were asked by Smith’s Fruit Stores of Wombwell, Barnsley, to help their customers get essential food delivered. As we are proud of our local community and try to help local businesses, we quickly put together a WordPress/WooCommerce website for Smith’s, meaning their more vulnerable customers could get their essentials delivered to their door.

Smith’s have been around for decades, with shops and stalls all over the South Yorkshire region. This was the first time, however, they had felt the need to have a website.

We worked with Smith’s to put together a website that is easy to use, straightforward and offers a simple e-commerce journey from start to finish. Customers can now order their fruit and vegetables to be delivered to their door without any hassle.

Despite starting out as a basic website, offering just four products, the site has been a huge success so we have developed it over the past few months into a site which offers hundreds of products, value boxes, subscriptions and different payment methods. The site is now being developed to have a trade login area where local catering businesses can order their products on a wholesale level.

Smith's Fruit Stores, Wombwell, Barnsley - WooCommerce Website