West Fuel Systems, Rotherham – WordPress Website

I recently built and launched a WordPress website for West Fuel Systems; a fuel system manufacturer, installer and supplier based in Goldthorpe, near Rotherham. The website was built using WordPress.

Darren West, Director of West Fuel Systems, approached me to rebuild his website after previously building one for himself using Wix. Whilst Wix is a great budget option for an inexperienced Web Designer, it doesn’t offer the same flexibility as WordPress, so Darren opted for a full rebuild with the aim of making the website much more professional and polished.

Work on the revamped website began in January 2022, following a meeting with Darren in which we discussed his brief. The site was rebuilt and relaunched smoothly within just six weeks. When relaunching the site, I made sure westfuelsystems.co.uk was not impacted in terms of SEO, which meant taking care of aspects such as URL redirects, Google Search Console changes, internal links and ensuring there were no 404 errors.

As requested by Darren, the website features a new, simpler and more professional design, easier navigation and more ‘call-to-action’ elements such as contact forms and buttons. The website features a full range of West Fuel Systems’ products and services, as well as everything else you would expect from a professional business website.

West Fuel Systems - WordPress Website