Financial Services Website, Leeds

Sursum Advisory is a financial services company based in Leeds which was formed in 2022 by Tom Blandford. The company offers specialist financial services to clients within the law sector. After working for various accounting firms throughout the years, Tom, a winner of Yorkshire Accountant of the Year, wanted to start his own business.

Tom contacted me to ask if I would create some branding for his new business, including a new website. The branding was created first, with the website to follow, followed by the creation of social media channels.

The website itself is built in WordPress and is a brochure-style website. It outlines the services which Tom offers through his company and is heavily focused towards the law sector. This meant the site needed a corporate feel, which we think it offers nicely.

The website is intended to rank well organically in search engines, driving traffic which in turn will lead to conversions.

You can see more of my recent website work in my portfolio.

Tom was more than happy with the end result. I’m now working for him on an ongoing basis. He was so pleased with my work that he referred me to some of his peers.

“Dan was very patient with me as I am not the most technical. He helped me try out different things and advised me on what would be best and ultimately I’ve got a great website that I’m very happy with. He now does little updates for me every month just to keep it fresh – which is also great! Not only do I recommend him, but I have: some of my contacts are using him for their site now too!”