The term web hosting refers to server space where your web files, images, and emails are stored. In very simple terms, a web server is a large computer that stores all of your website information and database and is accessible on the World Wide Web.

When you pay for hosting, you’re not only paying for server space. You are paying for performance, security, and uptime guarantees. If you decide to opt for the cheapest hosting options, your website is usually stored on a shared server with many other websites. This can bring with it performance and security issues.

Why does web hosting matter?

Server performance can directly impact your online visibility. For example, it can affect your rankings in Google Search. Google uses many factors to decide where to rank a website. One of these factors is page load speed. If your website doesn’t load quickly, Google may penalise it in search rankings as it offers a poor experience for its own users.

What is web hosting?

Who to choose for web hosting?

We use a specialist WordPress host who is based in the UK. They offer excellent performance and support. We stay away from the cheapest hosting options as experience has taught us they are cheap for good reason. If you would like us to take over the management and hosting of your website, have a look at our services here.

If you’d prefer to source your own hosting, we can help you by assessing the type of website you have or need. We will look at the performance requirements and makeup of your website and make some recommendations to suit you.

Want to know more about hosting?

We’ve answered the question briefly. If you need to know more, just give us a call or drop us an enquiry through our contact form and we will be happy to discuss hosting in more detail.