WordPress Updates – Version 4.5

A new version of WordPress was released a few days ago, but many users have faced issues when updating their version, including the total loss (temporarily) of their websites! WordPress updates are not that easy!

As with any new releases or WordPress updates, users need to be careful before updating, because although it might be tempting to click the little blue ‘Update’ button, it’s not all that straightforward. As soon as you click that button, hundreds upon thousands of small changes take place in the background, in the WordPress codebase, that could be detrimental to the compatibility of your themes, plugins and custom code.

I would always advise anyone to consult with a developer before running a WordPress update, or even better, as them (us) to do it for you. We might only have to charge for an hours work, whereas if you did it yourself and made a hash of it, you might end up paying for several hours work to fix it.

Keeping your website up to date is a good thing, it is very important, but you need to make sure there aren’t going to be knock-on effects before you go ahead!

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Dan @ gowiththetimes.co.uk