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I specialise in creating fantastic websites using the world’s largest website platform –  WordPress. With many years of experience in handling all kinds of websites, we really are the go-to company for all things WordPress in and around the Yorkshire area.

WordPress is used by some of the world’s biggest brands, including Disney, Bloomberg, Vogue, Microsoft and Mercedes Benz and thousands more. At the same time, it is also used by some of the world’s smallest businesses too. That’s the beauty of it. So whether you have a small-scale website to advertise your business or a large-scale website that sells products with intricate functionality, I can do it using WordPress.

WordPress Website Developers
WordPress Websites

It is the world’s largest CMS (Content Management System) and currently powers around 30% of all websites on the World Wide Web. The framework is built using a coding language called PHP, on top of which it uses many other types of popular web languages including HTML, CSS and Javascript.

There are two ways to get started…

  1. WordPress.com gives you a fully hosted, paid website solution with everything included, from your domain name to hosting and support. This is a paid solution and offers a number of different plans and pricing to suit your needs.
  2. WordPress.org is a free, open-source version that any developer can download and build on free-of-charge. This is our preferred option and all of our sites are built using this method.

Once downloaded and installed, it gives developers and users a fantastic, easy-to-use, ready-made platform on which amazing, functional websites can be created. The framework is simply a set of website files and folders, which can be downloaded directly for free or, with most web hosts, installed directly using a one-click app installation. Alongside the web files, it is also powered by an SQL database.