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5 12, 2014

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

December 5th, 2014|

SEO has always divided opinion. As a developer/designer, when I hear SEO I automatically think about email spammers who claim to be able to get everybody to #1 on Google for as little as $1 a month and all that rubbish. You can see why [...]

5 12, 2014

Google Search – Important Changes

December 5th, 2014|

Google has recently announced that it will be letting users know which search results are 'mobile friendly' when they search using a mobile device. Google search is vital to all websites. This is important for anyone who doesn't currently have a responsive website, because it [...]

25 11, 2014

Yorkshire Web Design

November 25th, 2014|

We’ve been in this ‘game’ for a few years now and have racked up a hundred, getting close to two hundred web design/graphic design projects. Like any job, there are positives and negatives, but the thing we really enjoy is meeting up with our clients. [...]