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4 03, 2015

Search Engine Optimisation – Facts and Fiction

By |2017-09-08T13:29:27+00:00March 4th, 2015|Google, SEO, Web Design|Comments Off on Search Engine Optimisation – Facts and Fiction

Hi everyone It's time to touch on that subject of SEO again. Just to remind you, Search Engine Optimisation is the practise of improving areas of a website in order to improve it's organic ranking in search engines (by organic, we mean the non-paid for results). As a Web Developer doesn't necessarily mean you are an SEO expert as well, [...]

5 12, 2014

Google Search – Important Changes

By |2017-06-13T10:24:31+00:00December 5th, 2014|Google, SEO, Web Design|Comments Off on Google Search – Important Changes

Google has recently announced that it will be letting users know which search results are 'mobile friendly' when they search using a mobile device. Google search is vital to all websites. This is important for anyone who doesn't currently have a responsive website, because it will put you at a disadvantage. Check this out straight from the horses mouth... A [...]

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