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It’s time to touch on that subject of SEO again.

Just to remind you, Search Engine Optimisation is the practise of improving areas of a website in order to improve it’s organic ranking in search engines (by organic, we mean the non-paid for results).

As a Web Developer doesn’t necessarily mean you are an SEO expert as well, but personally I think it is important to keep up with what is happening with search engines, particularly Google and Bing, because this is a subject that ALWAYS comes up across my client base in Yorkshire.

So, whats new…well, I’ve been trawling the net for articles purely based on FACT. There is so much fiction and bad-practise in the world of SEO, I just wanted to pull out some stuff that we know is true, so that my existing clients (and anyone else reading this blog) can gain a little bit more understanding on the subject in order for you to improve your web presence.

Here are a few interesting articles. Having read these, I believe that they speak a lot of truth. I can’t say they are all 100% fact, but I’m pretty confident that the people who wrote this stuff are well informed…enjoy!

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