Lemon Tree – WordPress Restaurant Website

We have been working on behalf of Erdal Sahan, at the Lemon Tree Restaurant & Bar in Barnsley, for a number of years now. Over time, restaurant owner Erdal has contacted us to add new menus, images and general updates to the website, however we didn’t build the original version of it.

Why Erdal approached us…

The original WordPress restaurant website had become very dated and was running an old version of WordPress with an unsupported theme, no SSL certificate and it had become somewhat a mess over time due to a lack of maintenance. Erdal has recently refurbished the restaurant, so he asked us to redesign the website accordingly to suit the new look of the restaurant.

What we did…

We rebuilt the site from scratch, with a brand new installation of WordPress. This meant we had a clean install of all the files and database, preventing any risk of infected files from over the years. We then created a theme based on the reataurant colour scheme and designed a new logo and branding. We then built the site from the bottom up, updating menus, information, taking new photos and editing them for the site.

This website is due to be launched this week!

If you like the look of this website and want to talk to us about yours, please get in touch