Huge news this week from Google! Your website search performance will now be based on the content from the MOBILE VERSION of your website.

What Does This Mean?

As we’ve explained before, the content on your website has a huge impact on where you appear in search results. Previously, Google has used the content from your desktop website to judge how good your site is. Google is now going to be using the content from the mobile version of your site instead.

How Does It Affect Me?

In most cases, if you’ve got a responsive website, it won’t affect you. The only time it could impact you is if you hide certain parts of your page content from mobile users (for example, if the content just doesn’t work on a small screen).

The sites that this will REALLY impact are those that are not responsive, or do not have a smartphone/tablet version. We’ve been harping on for years now about responsive websites, and last year we wrote loads of articles around the time when Google made it’s big ‘mobile-friendly algorithm’ update. From now on, if you do not have a responsive website, it looks like none of your content will be taken into account by Google.

What Should I Do?

Get your website rebuilt to be responsive as soon as you can. We can offer this service starting at just a few hundred quid, so it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Google Announces Mobile-First Indexing