Beware of Dodgy SEO Companies (COWBOYS)!

This month I just wanted to mention an increasing amount of emails I’m noticing from (mainly overseas) SEO companies¬†claiming that “your website contains errors. Let us give you a free review of your website and we can help you increase your search engine ranking.”

Please beware of these offers. On the rare occasion, they might be from genuine, reputable SEO experts, but the likelihood is that 99.9% will come from overseas based cowboys who send out thousands of emails a day to discerning website owners.

Nobody can guarantee a high ranking on Google, so don’t believe what you read. Of course, good SEO leads to improved search rankings, but there are so many variables involved in getting a good Google ranking, such as…

  • the market you are in
  • what your competition do
  • your local area
  • your on-page and off-page SEO
  • page load speed

…just to name a few!

If you want to talk more about SEO, please contact me and I will offer free guidance on what to do. Don’t believe the hype!


Dan @