Last week Google published another article on it’s Webmasters Blog, talking yet again about the importance of HTTPS secure web browsing. We mentioned this a while back, last year in fact, and talked about how Google rewards sites with SSL certificates and secure https:// in search results.

Webmasters are quickly catching up, and soon I’m sure it will be really frowned upon to have a site without an SSL certificate, particularly if you sell products online.

Google Prefers Secure Websites
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What are HTTPS and SSL?

Look at the top of your web browser, in the address bar. You will see the URL for this page on our website, with a little green padlock next to it and the https: reference in green. This means our site is secure for people who are browsing it, meaning any details they enter are protected and encrypted.

To make a website secure, you or your Web Developer must purchase an SSL cerficate, which you install at your web host to make your site secure.

What Do They Stand For?

HTTPS = Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

SSL = Secure Socket Layer

What Should I Do Next?

If I were you, I would hurry up and make the switch to https before your website is affected!

Read more in the full article here…